The Harmonics

The advent of the Golden Gate Quartette in the gospel genre and others like Seekers in secular music in the Nineteen fifties and sixties inspired many a talented musician in Madras. A number of groups were formed at that time mainly to do the four-part harmony with all male voices. Joshua's Harmonics was one of the earliest products of this movement.

The group evolved through the passage of time taking many forms as members joined and left. Eventually in the Nineties it began to acquire a recognizable identity as a niche player in the harmony business. Reji Chandy of the "Glorious" brought the group out of its closet and gave it a stage year after year in their "Festival of Harmony Music" in Bangalore. The group also caught the attention of Alfred D'souza of Bombay who has invited the Harmonics year after year to sing at the prestigious Tata Theatre.

For a couple of years now, the group has a mixed voice variant known as "Harmonics Complicated". A bit of Sunday School, Rock and Roll, Spirituals, Country and Jazz make up the group's repertoire and its declared mission is to glorify God through music and convey the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in song.
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