The Gospel Quintet
The Gospel Quintet:

The Gospel Quintet is a group of four mixed voices accompanied by a pianist, which was formed in Dec'05.

We sing different genres of music ranging from the classical numbers to the contemporary ones including reggae and calypso styles. Our forte is harmony & most of our music is arranged by us. We do sing a cappella music as well. We sing in English as well as in Tamil.

We've performed at various audiences in and out of Chennai, in the past two years.

All the members of the Gospel Quintet are involved with other choirs and groups as well. We are especially a part of The Emmanuel Methodist Church Choir. Each of the members is an asset to the group in their own way.

The Gospel Quintet:

Ramya N.S (Soprano)

Sheeba Truman (Alto)

Alexander Russell (Tenor)

John Vasanth (Bass/I Bass)

Edwin Roy (Accompanist/II Bass)

Our Focus is God. And we desire to spread the Gospel Of Jesus Christ through our music and singing.
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